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Jessica Hoard

Freelance Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Writing Coach, Photographer



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Penny Dreadful

Penny Fiction: 13 Word Stories




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Good Lives Come in Small Dwellings: 6 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Written By: Jessica Hoard Ever find yourself watching HGTV and some young couple is looking for a new home, and their blanket response for every room they see is inevitably, "It's a little small," making no attempt to contain their disdain. And you want to punch them? Yeah, me too.

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Take Pics Like a Pro

Take Pics Like a Pro: Written By: Jessica Hoard 7 Tips and Tricks To Improve the Look of Your Snapshots The Rule of Thirds Ever find yourself looking through your friend's Facebook pictures--photos she took on her last vacation, candid shots of friends and family--and wondering why hers are so much better than yours?

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Two Tickets to Paradise

Written By: Jessica Hoard Think you can't go on that dream vacation? Think again! The cost of air fare is probably your biggest concern. However, by keeping these tips in mind, you can find flights to your dream destination cheaper than you might think. 1. Start early.

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The Easy-Peasy, Last-Minute, 4th of July Party Plan

Written By: Jessica Hoard I know you. You told yourself you were going to go all out this year, impress all your friends with your entertaining prowess. I know, you had the best intensions. It's ok. Life happens. But just because it's the eleventh hour doesn't mean you can't still throw an impromptu celebration.

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Do Not Adjust Your Set: The Fall TV Line-Up

Written By: Jessica Hoard Well, it's that time of year again. No, I don't mean back to school or the start of football season. I'm talking about something far more profound. I'm talking about the new fall television season!

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6 Summer Cocktails You Must Try

Written By: Jessica Hoard Barbeques, picnics, family reunions. Summer is the season for outdoor festivities. Time to let the juices of Baucus flow. But with all that frolicking in the sunshine, you don't want to be bogged down by heavy or overly-sugary cocktails.

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